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Patientory empowers you with control of your health data, so you can maximize your health and earn personalized reward based $PTOY token payments.
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Earn Rewards For Your Medical Records

Earn Rewards For Your Medical Records

Consent to share your data stored in the Patientory Digital Health Data Wallet with the Health Data Marketplace and receive clinical research based payments.

Medical Records Storage

Medical Records Storage

Securely locate your medical records data safely stored on the PTOYMATRIX blockchain network by validating your identity and assign it to your Patientory private key.

AI Health Coach

AI Health Coach

Customize your care plan activity schedule or connect with a physician recommended by the AI health coach based on your medical records

Motivation Through Health Score

Motivation Through Health Score

Get your Health Score every day from your data and activities. Along with it, a boost of motivation to get higher and higher scores. More activities - more benefits for the body - higher Health score. Earn Rewards and $PTOY tokens

Tracking Health Score Statistics

Tracking Health Score Statistics

Track your results. Watch for changes in the Health Score, as well as for the progress in activities. The more you do the better you feel and the more you earn!

Water Drinking Tracker

Water Drinking Tracker

Earn rewards for keeping track of the amount of water you drink, because water greatly affects your health and well-being in general. To do this, you do not need to download a separate application - this is already available in Patientory!

Photo Diary

Photo Diary

Earn rewards for tracking your body progress by taking photos - just upload photos to Photo Diary and compare yourself at different times.

Get started with GLP-1

Health Data Marketplace

Sign up for the Patientory Wallet to receive AI generated recommendations for clinical trials and cost effective prescription drugs. Your participation earns you rewards!

Clinical Trials Participation

Clinical trials are needed globally to reduce disease burdens by helping to develop safe and effective new therapies and vaccines. Your participation can help save millions. Your Patientory Wallet can determine the best fit for clinical trial opportunities. Share your trial registration confirmation to receive in-app rewards.

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Pharmacy Savings Card

Receive the Patientory Prescription Insurance Savings Card for discounts on qualified medication at participating pharmacies.

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How Patientory Works

We centralize all your medical data so you can easily manage and track your healthcare.

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  • Privacy

    HIPAA and GDPR compliant protected health data storage and access that adheres to region-specific regulatory guidelines.
  • Optimize health

    Data interoperability and holistic data integration lead to a more comprehensive, personalized understanding of your health.
  • care plan

    Receive AI generated personalized care plans that take both lifestyle and medical data into account. Engage in preventative measures and tailor your healthcare.
  • security

    We assure that your data is safe and secure using maximum grade encryption and blockchain technology via the PTOYMatrix Network.

Take Control of Your Health Data