Patientory Wins “Innovation Mention” in #Patient2Consumer Challenge

Last week, Patientory CEO Chrissa McFarlane presented Patientory as a finalist in the 1776-MedStar #Patient2Consumer Challenge in Washington, DC. Although we did not win the grand prize, we received the next best thing. recognition! In the end, the judges named Patientory an “Innovation Mention.” That means we get the opportunity to propose a future pilot to […]

Patientory’s Place in the Global Healthcare Industry

Like most people, we too have come away from interactions with the healthcare system all too often feeling exasperated and angry. When comparing personal and professional experiences, the root causes immediately have become clear: healthcare is not personal and there is no central depository of our own health information. First, it’s important to take a […]

Patientory to Compete as Finalist in MedStar #Patient2Consumer Challenge

We are pleased to announce that Patientory has been named as a finalist in the 1776-MedStar #Patient2Consumer Challenge in Washington, DC on July 13, 2017. Out of hundreds of entrants, Patientory made the cut as part of the final 15 challengers. We will go to head-to-head with other startups to convince a panel of judges whose […]

Patientory Urges Healthcare Industry to Secure Patients’ Data with Blockchain

With reports confirming that the patient details of any Australian are now illegally available for as low as $30, leading blockchain startup Patientory is urging global healthcare industry to secure their patients’ health data with with blockchain. “Healthcare organizations have done an amazing job digitizing and securing healthcare data, but there is more work to […]

Healthcare: Re-engineered and Powered by Patientory

Recent ransomware cyber-attacks have exposed a vulnerable global healthcare IT infrastructure. Personal Health Information data is at risk. Unfortunately, legacy systems now administrate Personal Health Information (PHI) across siloed database networks. Fragmented Electronic Medical Records (EMR) create cumbersome access points and data exchanges are fraught with friction. Patientory is a patient-centered enterprise solution designed to […]

Patientory “eliminates the chance of having [medical history] data suffer any kind of cyberattack.”

Patientory was recently highlighted in a story by The CoinTelegraph about non-financial blockchains and called “a cutting edge development in medicine.” Patientory, a recently launched free-to-use app, is an example of Blockchain’s influence in this area. Users can create a profile in the app and keep track of their medical history. The app eliminates the […]

Chrissa McFarlane is “Focused on Solving Healthcare with Blockchain”

We’re honored and delighted to see our CEO and Founder, Chrissa McFarlane, highlighted by Blockchain Healthcare Review and Brennan Bennett as an entrepreneur “focused on solving healthcare with Blockchain.” The Blockchain is a technology that is open to all. It does not discriminate based on age or gender and is built around mathematical concepts and technology. […]

An Important Note for All PTOY Token Holders

In the security review portion of his audit, the PTOY token auditor advised us to implement an attack mitigation code on the PTOY token contract. This mitigation code was preventative in nature (no issues were found with the PTOY token itself). Unfortunately, this resulted in a bug that rendered tokens contained in multi-sig wallets non-transferable. […]

Exchanges PTOY is Traded On

We’ve had a lot of people ask about the exchanges PTOY is traded on. Please find them listed below: Bittrex Liqui EtherDetla TokenMarket HitBTC ICObazaar DecentrEx Please contact us at if you have any questions.

Announcing the Patientory Icon Design Contest

Do you have design skills? Let’s see them! We’re calling on YOU to submit an icon design for Patientory for a chance to receive 100 PTOY! As you can see from the example below, most cryptocurrencies simply use their company logo. We thought it would be fun to open our icon design to the community. […]