Seven Georgia State University students are going to be having quite the summer experience. They have been chosen to intern with Patientory for the Summer Clinical Informatics program at Atlanta Tech Village. The program started on June 7 and run until July 29.

The students are studying the field of health informatics, the design, and implementation of IT-related in health care. It can be considered a cross between health care, information science, and computer science. Those innovations can cover security, electronic delivery, and management of records. It is a fairly new field of study – it was only in 2009 that medical records were required to be maintained in electronic form. The GSU Lewis College of Nursing and Health Professions took its first health informatics students in 2013. A graduate program was launched in 2016. Both programs are unique as being the only interdisciplinary program in the United States in the field of health informatics.

With the staff of Patientory as their guides, they will be working alongside the developers of blockchain technology as applied to health care. The Patientory system will educate them about various forms of cryptocurrency, a universally centered patient database, and a way to securely share information from it. All of those combined are used for the outcome of increasing security and making health care results more accurate. The blockchain system ensures that records cannot be changed without a trail and that any access can be controlled to those with the key.

The Atlanta Tech Village is the startup gathering place for Atlanta’s many technological businesses. Members are supported in a variety of tasks in the community with the goal of connecting those with ideas, those with talent, and the capital they need. It is one of the top five tech centers in the whole United States. Marketing and business and development teams from the Tech Village will be assisting the interns in their work and analysis.

Both of those combined are going to give the interns a first-class look in how to apply everything they’ve learned in the classroom to a real-life setting. The intersection of health care and computer management that Patientory puts to use every day is a prime example of how health informatics works in the real world.

Every Friday during the internship period they will be able to attend a conference detailing some basic ways to get a job in the industry and other ways of learning and dealing with the many problems that might come up in their future careers, from dealing with diversity in the workplace to managing stress from a job. Speakers will include the co-founder of the Atlanta Tech Village itself as well as the founders of two different start-ups.