National Intern Day, which is the third Thursday in July, was started in 2017 and was created to recognize interns for all of the hard work that they do. In celebration of this day, this year, we’ve had the pleasure of having seven students from Georgia State University’s Clinical Informatics Department working with us as part of the Patientory internship program.

Internship Program

Our summer internship program this year ran for 6 weeks. Seven students were chosen to join us at the Atlanta Tech Village the 4th largest startup co-worker hub in the United States. 

Partnership with Georgia State University

Our new partnership with Georgia State University Byrdine F. Lewis School of Nursing provides their students with clinical informatics experience to aid in preparing a workforce for advancing the future of healthcare delivery.

Health Informatics Graduates

Health informatics as an industry is still in its infancy. Healthcare providers were slow to adopt clinical information systems at the point of care. Only now, because federal requirements accelerated the implementation of electronic health records, is the industry starting to evolve. Now that all this health information is in electronic form, the ability to analyze this immense volume of data has created new opportunities to improve care. That’s why the federal government is predicting such huge growth in this area over the next decade. In fact, the major issue that the industry is now facing is the lack of individuals with training and experience to fill the many open positions. 

There were seven interns along with their supervisors and other leaders in attendance. They are studying the field of health informatics, the design, and implementation of IT-related in health care at Georgia State University, the public research university in Atlanta, Georgia. 

  1. Thuy DoTran
  2. Yemuda Killen
  3. Tram Bui
  4. Xueling Wang
  5. Quynh Nguyen
  6. Salman Simjee
  7. Olivia Collins

Part of the internship program consisted of the interns giving short presentations about what they learned throughout the course of their internship, and how they will use their new skills in their future careers.

One of these interns, Salman Simjee, described our company culture as, “[The] team is very open and supportive. They were always present to listen to our questions and provided us with insights about the industry.”

“The company culture is nice and respectable as well as the people who work at the Atlanta Tech Village.“ Quynh Nguyen. 

New Horizons

Interns learned more about how clinical informatics can improve the overall patient experience such as,

  1. Technology APIs electronic medical records integrations (HL7/FHIR, etc)
  2. KPIs (based on electronic data)/CHF disease states examples
  3. Nursing informatics and Smart FHIR training recommendations
  4. What is being offered by other patient centric healthcare IT as Analytics
  5. Analytic visualizations for both mobile and enterprise

And a lot more!

Final Day

Most of the interns already knew what they wanted to pursue coming into the internship. Tram Bui says she pursued Clinical Informatics at Georgia State University to become a healthcare data analyst and the patientory internship program helped her to kick start her dreams.

On the final day of the program, all our interns shared feedback about how their internship helped them figure out what career path they want to take.

We expect that number to continue to increase, by next summer, 2020.