We’re super excited to share that Patientory was awarded Innovation Grant as part of the Women Startup Challenge Grants Program for the Covid-19 tech solution. Five startups were selected to participate in the COVID-19 Tech Grant Program. A $10,000 Innovation Grant was awarded to Patientory for the tech solution.

About the Program

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed societal and industrial vulnerabilities and diverse perspectives are vital to address these unique challenges. The COVID-19 Tech Grant was designed to fund women-led ventures focused on solving the biggest health, education, employment, civic engagement, and financial issues related to the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Innovation Grant

Patientory Inc. is a population health data management and analytics company. Through its two decentralized applications -NEITH an enterprise software tool, and the Patientory mobile app- which runs on the PTOYMatrix, Patientory Inc. empowers patients, medical professionals, healthcare organizations and employers with actionable insights into healthcare data to improve population health outcomes. Meet the finalist and read more information at here.

About Women Who Tech

Women Who Tech is a nonprofit organization building a culture and inclusive economy to accelerate women tech entrepreneurs and close the funding gap.

Women are founding innovative startups more than ever before, yet only 10% of investor money globally goes to startups founded by women. This is unacceptable! 

We believe that if we’re going to create products for the masses and build breakthrough technologies that truly solve big problems, we need to build up and fund diverse-led startups now. Providing funding and resources to the founders and companies who deeply understand the problems they’re working to solve will deliver strong financial returns, while transforming the world.