Our solution to help against COVID-19 & Pandemics

Patientory provides a real-time COVID-19 patient tracking and reporting tool which evaluates users’ current health condition with a self-inspection quiz and diagnostic testing kit equipped with diagnostic care treatment plan to share with telehealth providers. The mobile app also alerts users prior to entering COVID-19 hot spots.

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Covid-19 Status Button

Covid-19 Status Button

Self-inspection Questionnaire

Self-inspection Questionnaire



QR Code for Travel

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List of Medications

We provide bulk quantities of pharmaceutical therapies used in treating infections through our global partnerships with leading laboratories. Please inquire for more information.

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Rapid Diagnostic Test Kits & Personal Protection Equipment

List of Diagnostic Kits

nCoV One step RT-PCR

COVID-19 Ag Rapid FIA

COVID-19 IgG/IgM Rapid Gold

COVID-19 Total Ab EIA


List of Personal Protection Equipment Including But Not Limited To:
Air Purifying Machines Face Shields Gloves (Various Sizes/Nitrile or latex-free)
Hair Covers Hand sanitizer Hospital Beds
N-95 Masks or Equivalent Negative Pressure Machines No-Touch Thermometers
Regular Thermometers if No-Touch Thermometers are not available Safety Goggles Sanitation Units
Sanitizing Spray Sanitizing Wipes Shoe Covers
Surgical Gowns Surgical Masks Tyvek Suits

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Disclaimer: These products are for Professional Medical Use Only
Social Distancing Measures
Self-Isolation of individuals with symptoms of a respiratory infection is one of the most important measures for reducing disease transmission and limiting the spread of the virus in the community during an epidemic.