Why Patientory?

Did you know…  

  • There is a growing number of people falling ill everyday. In the U.S. alone, 117 million people have been diagnosed with one or more chronic illnesses. These patients currently do not have an efficient way of accessing their health information.
  • 2,597 hospitals face >$500M in penalties under the U.S. government’s readmissions reduction program in 2016. A large number of readmissions occur due to poor care coordination caused by siloed EHR systems and varying state regulations.
  • Healthcare data breaches totaled over 112M in 2015, costing the U.S. healthcare organizations >$6B in damages. Your sensitive and private healthcare data is not safe!

Patients, providers and healthcare organizations  urgently need secure, scalable, cost effective population health management solution that empowers patients and improves care coordination while ensuring data security.  

What We Do

Patientory empowers patients, clinicians and healthcare organizations to safely access, store and transfer information, thus improving care coordination while ensuring data security.

Patientory interconnects with any EHR system and enables doctors, care providers and consumers to communicate on a single easy to use platform. We also connect consumers to connect with the larger community.

Patientory uses blockchain technology to ensure end-to-end encryption while adhering to regulatory guidelines and compliance requirements.

Our Technology

Patientory is a patient-centered enterprise solution designed to eliminate many of the pain points in the current centralized healthcare environments and allows Health IT infrastructures to cope with the changing trends in Healthcare management.

We use:

  • Encrypted middleware to meet the high-volume demands of modern day Health IT
  • APIs with Electronic Health Records for fast medical information transfer
  • HIPAA-compliant protected health information storage that adheres to region-specific regulatory guidelines

Blockchain technology has been used successfully in the financial services industry. It is the most secure way of preventing your patients’ sensitive health information from cyber attacks. Using the blockchain, patient medical record files are shredded and encrypted and spread across the blockchain network until you’re ready to use it again, making data breaches nearly impossible.

Our patent worthy technology ensures your personal health information is safe, easy to use and HIPAA compliant.

For the Tech Savvy

Many of the early challenges developing blockchain proof of concepts (POCs) for the enterprise revolved around two prominent concerns: scaling and privacy. In addition, the limited two-tiered architecture (client/server) presents version control issues and is difficult for in-house IT teams to implement.

With time and a maturation of the technology has come evolution and the use of a middle-tier in blockchain architecture. This has enabled in-house teams to develop application functionality and feature sets using familiar tools and languages. This multilevel framework provides a separation of concerns (middleware) similar to modern web infrastructures. The middle layer allows the platform to interface with existing systems and scale more efficiently off-the-chain. The business logic (smart contracts) flows securely on and off the blockchain.

Similarly, Patientory creates, configures, and query blockchain-enabled smart contracts that leverage both “traditional” cloud middleware and new application services to support blockchain development for nodes on and off the chain. Within this framework, the implementation of modern application services like biometrics and OAuth, real-time data and billing, and personal health insurance information are now possible. Applications can be developed using standard development tools, reducing time-consuming learning curves for onboarding and implementation.

  1. Presentation layer: This is the user touchpoint for accessing their healthcare information in real time. Prescription adherence alerts, wearables data, Explanation of Benefits (EOB), and real-time data can be found here. Hospitals, Clinical Care providers and other enterprise members interface here as well exchanging information securely in the P2P network.
  2. Middleware: Oracles execute in a secure computational environment, and have the cryptographic primitives that allow them to work directly with blockchains. On the platform, business logic executes in a fabric that binds the code to a smart contract.  Identity and key management, cryptographic,services,attested data and interaction with the outside world runs in this secure environment.
  3. Data Layer and Schema: This third layer serves as a distributed database of the shared truth between nodes on the blockchain. The ledger is an instantiation of a version specific contract between several different parties. Smart contracts are bound by the ledger, schema, counterparties, logic, and external sources. The platform is fully auditable and can serve to automate many healthcare operational processes.

Big Data applications on the Patientory platform is also implemented and executed more expeditiously a with three-tiered architecture. Using this framework, our roadmap can expand to include ingesting Big Data from multiple sources. Harnessing this data will unearth valuable insights for clinical care teams, as well as healthcare intelligence with actionable analytics for better patient outcomes.

For Patients

Patientory is designed keeping you at the center of your health care needs

Secure Access

You can access your complete health profile in one place, from prior medical history, to specialist referrals, to your latest test results. It’s all available on your computer or your favorite device on the go. Your data is safe through the blockchain technology.


You can directly communicate with your doctors and care providers. Reach them easily, and share information with everyone in your care circle – whether medical professionals or family and loved ones.


Thousands of people like you are also already on the Patientory network. Discuss your health concern with others in the community and learn from their experience.


You can receive almost all of Patientory’s benefits for free! You can buy PTOYs, our currency, to buy space to store your medical information on the blockchain network.

Find out more about the PTOY token here.

For Providers

Patientory has been designed keeping in mind what is best for you and your patients. Our offering promises to help you achieve 


Your doctors can view your patient’s complete medical history with aggregated data across different providers and medical facilities, all in one place.


Your doctors can manage their schedule, place electronic orders and send or receive referrals online easily. Automation tools and reminders will help your doctors save time!


Your doctors can securely share information with patients, family members, caregivers, specialists, and nurses, or chat via our HIPAA-compliant messaging platform.  

Secure Storage

All your patient data will be stored on the blockchain network – the most secure data storage network today. Your patient data will be safe from any kind of cyberattacks! 


To maximize the benefits from Patientory, our software needs to be installed to your devices. Once installed, our software layers over your existing EHR systems and uses AI powered technology to store data onto the blockchain network. No need to manually transfer existing data to the platform. Patientory does it for you!

We work together with your teams to develop APIs specific to your requirements and develop customised solutions.  


There will be a one-time installation fee on your hospital devices followed by a monthly license and secure storage charge. Contact Us here for any inquiries and we will come back to you with pricing specific to your requirements.

For Healthcare Organizations

If you’re a healthcare organization, and would like to collaborate, please Contact Us

Let Us Help

Patientory is built on cutting-edge technology and years of practical application. Please contact us to set up a consulting session and go more in-depth on how blockchain can transform your business.

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